CWMRA is made up of model train enthusiasts that are committed running trains. Our members are encouraged to have fun running their trains but also operate them in a safe way to protect everyone’s equipment as well as their own. Below are some guidelines for running trains on the clubhouse layouts. Please read and follow them carefully. If you have any questions or are unsure about how to follow these operational guidelines, contact a CWMRA executive board member for more information. Thank you for your cooperation.

  1. Make sure your wheels fit inside your trucks properly.
  2. Make sure you use felt washers between the truck and the car
  3. Make sure your wheels are the proper size for your car, i.e. 33” wheel in a car that requires 33” wheels.
  4. Make sure the wheels roll freely and do not drag in the truck or on the frame of the car.
  5. Make sure the metal wheels do not hit the bottom of the car while in motion, even if/ when it rocks, especially if there is a metal weight on the exterior side of the car.
  6. Make sure you use felt washers to make sure your couplers heights are correct.
  7. Test ALL your cars and locomotives in the back room of the layout and confirm they work properly before running in the front room. STAY AWAY FROM TUNNELS!
  8. Do NOT test your cars on DESIGNATED run nights TEST YOUR CARS ON YOUR OWN TIME!!!
  9. If you are running on a Tuesday or Thursday or anytime everybody else is running trains, if your car is the derailing more than once, pull the car or locomotive off the train and put it up. and run it on another day after it is repaired.
  10. Before you complain about the track shortening out, make sure all locomotives and rolling stock are removed from the layout, all debris is off the tracks, in both rooms and the layout has been turned off in both rooms and sat for one minute with the power off. If the track is still having issues. Call Kyle or Robby for assistance.
  11. Same rules apply for locomotives with the addition of making sure your wiring is correct. Your decoders are in good order and the locomotive is well maintained.
  12. DO NOT TOUCH THE GREY SWITCH THAT SAYS BLOCK OR DIGITAL! Leave it alone!!! Use the power on off switch to turn the layout on and off!
  13. Do not stop your train by using the red stop switch on your controller, it is emergency use only!
  14. If you are at the club to visit please do, however if you are operating your train pay attention to it and visit after!
  15. If you see another member violating an operation policy. Please politely tell that person. If he fails to comply, he will be asked to stop running trains . If you are asked to comply. Please do and don’t get upset, it is in the best interest of club operation.
  16. Do not exceed your abilities when it comes to maintaining the layout, it truly can cause problems. Ask to learn proper cleaning techniques before taking it upon yourself.